Pregnancy is that special time in a woman’s life when she experiences giving the gift of life to someone, right inside her own precious being. While the experience of a woman who is carrying may vary from that of another, there are a few which remain largely common, and so do the suggestions around them.

Let’s give you a quick rundown of few natural, and generally accepted health tips to make way for a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Please read on.


While getting fair share of rest is essential for pregnant women, at least thirty minutes of daily exercise is another big recommendation. In order to boost your circulation and maintain a healthy weight all through your pregnancy, it is important to move about and involve yourself in some kind of physical activity. Normally, activities such as walking and easy comforting yoga poses like Mountain Pose or the Tadasana are considered to be a good workout, as long as these are performed with utmost care and control. Apart from a weight management, optimum physical exercise also allows us to have a sound sleep, and bring up our mood. However, make sure you do not overdo anything, and you are taking up exercise schedules after having consulted with your doctor.

Do not Curb your Cravings

During pregnancy, it is absolutely okay to enjoy and relish what you crave for. However, try and shift your interest towards a diet that is well-balanced, and includes a lot of healthy nutrients, such as starch, vegetables and proteins. Add some colours and variety to your palette, and enjoy your meals while you keep in mind that you are now eating for two. Also, think fruits. They are great for munching on, and it is believed that the natural sugars in fresh, seasonal fruits can really bring up your energy levels.

What Foods to Avoid ?

During those nine months, much before and much after, it is best to avoid the intake of:

  • Fried, hot and very spicy foods
  • Strong caffeine-based beverages
  • Smoking and Alcohol
  • Uncooked or undercooked food
  • Leftover food items
  • Anything with preservatives and added, artificial flavours

Stay Happy, through it All

A woman goes through a number of emotional ups and downs during those nine months in her life, and it is extremely important for her to not give in to these episodes. Staying happy and enjoying that special time is really one of the secrets to a healthy pregnancy. Think only happy thoughts, surround yourself with pleasant, positive personalities and make sure not to allow any kind of negative emotions in, such as sadness, anger, grief, anxiousness etc. that might unnecessarily bring your mood down.

Useful Natural Remedies at home for healthy pregnancy

A pregnant woman is likely to feel small maladies like morning sickness, anxiety, back pain, nausea, and fatigue. However, these symptoms can be taken care of by following simple health regime at home. Some of them are suggested below.

Morning Sickness

During pregnancy, this is a common health issue when there are those dreadful, nauseated moments that can basically arise at any time of the day, and may even last all day long. By consuming natural herbs like ginger, you can reduce your nausea. Other herbs like peppermint leaf (generally advised in first trimester), and vitamin B6, or iron source would also help. It also helps in tackling heart burn during pregnancy.


It is advisable to increase your intake of water to reduce headaches. At the same time you need to avoid acidic drinks, caffeine, and other acidic food.

Stress and Anxiety

Oats is an active ingredient, which helps in reducing skin irritation, and mental stress. Other herbs like Chamomile tea will also help you sleep comfortably. It also reduces chances of stomach upset.


It is a condition which commonly occurs during pregnancy, in which your veins would be under stress, and could result in swelling. However, this condition can be declined with bathing in warm water and massaging the affected area with some soothing oil like the coconut oil.


Oats is an active ingredient, which helps in reducing skin irritation, and mental stress. Other herbs like Chamomile tea will also help you sleep comfortably. It also reduces chances of stomach upset.


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