Ayurveda specifies the skin allergy of urticaria to manifest mainly due to imbalance of all the three doshas or body humors viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha (air, fire and phlegm).

Ayurveda Support for Urticaria Skin Allergy



• First of all, it is important to do away with the underlying cause if it can be discovered.

• Many a times urticaria or skin allergy uproots due to incompatible diet. In this case, diet correction is simply the key to combat skin allergy. 

• An anti allergic drug may be taken according to the severity of the symptoms.

• Sometimes urticaria or the skin allergy crops up from contact with a substance towards which you are more sensitive. This may result in producing a type of toxic reaction in the blood, which causes skin allergy. Conscientiously evading of that particular stuff should be considered necessary.

• In case urticaria or skin allergy results from toxicity due to ingesting a poisonous substance, the latter has to be carefully removed.


Ayurveda Herbs and Home Remedies for Urticaria Skin Allergy


• Local application of coconut oil or mustard oil or some soothing and calming lotion may provide relief in itching due to skin allergy.

• Intake of raw turmeric with milk or water proves useful. 

• Massage of soda bicarbonate and Saindhav salt added to mustard oil helps in relieving the itch.

• Here is another home remedy for urticaria or skin allergy that you may try. In half bowl of curd add two teaspoons of mustard oil and juice of one-fourth lemon. Apply this mixture to the affected body parts five to ten minutes prior to bath. This is handy to relieve skin rash and itching related to urticaria or skin allergy.

• Another herb based home remedy for skin allergy may be supportive therapy in healing urticaria or skin allergy. Take some aniseed or black pepper powder with a glass of warm water twice a day.

• A number of Ayurveda medicinal preparations like ‘Haridrakhanda’ and ‘Kaishor Guggulu’ are generally prescribed for urticaria or skin allergy, which act as anti – histamines and aid in blood purification.


Ayurveda Counsels Holistic Approach Towards Urticaria Skin Allergy

• In case the skin allergy continues and signs of urticaria persist, it is advisable to go for a stool test, so as to rule out any worm infestation. Also in case of chronic ailment with recurrent symptoms, it is recommended to go in for blood tests for skin allergy detection.

• Diet intake should be more of light and easily digestible food items like mung dal, old rice, coconut, black grams, petha and warm water 




• So as to get rid of urticaria or skin allergy, Ayurveda restricts some diet items. Diet items with sour taste, fried, potent, spicy diet and those which are heavy to digest, should be amicably avoided.

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