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Winter holidays are here and you can cherish the vacation time with Ayurveda diet guidance. Begin the day with a warm cup of water and lemon to facilitate elimination. To keep the digestive fires high, eat seasonal foods that are warm and fully cooked. Turmeric, ginger are anti-inflammatory and strengthen the digestive fire, while Cayenne eliminates mucus and flushes toxins. Garlic helps in heating and supports heart heath (video). Add ripe, sweet fruits, a cup of herbal tea and slow-simmered soups as part of your daily diet. And while you indulge in the seasonal merriment, you need to avoid heavy deserts and too many chocolates and coffee. Rather go with the healthy and benefiting ingredients for your deserts. Sugary substances and whole milk solids in cakes and chocolates work as Srotas (channel) blockers in body, which leads to form more of ama or the toxic matter and eventually lead to many diseases setting in. You can add the natural herbs and condiments like Cinnamon and Cardamom in your cakes and chocolates as they have a stimulant effect and help to unblock the channels. Also, have ginger bread made with some extra ginger and go for apple pie for fruity benefit of apple and you can add Cinnamon in it as well. Avoid iced beverages, coffee salads, dried fruit, junk foods, fried and heavy meats. Keep sipping warm water throughout the day to keep the system hydrated, strong digestion and flush out unwanted toxins.

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