The herb of Wheatgrass is one among the best known natural reservoir for health and longevity. Wheatgrass is a young wheat plant about 3 to 4 inches long that can be easily cultivated at home.


Health Benefits of Wheatgrass
Being highly nutritious, it is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. All the more, a regular intake of Wheatgrass extract or its juice is extremely beneficial in increasing the blood haemoglobin content and it also augments the immunity power in your body.


10 Reasons Why Wheatgrass is a Super Food!






1. Cure for Anaemia

The chlorophyll content present in Wheatgrass resembles (in structure as well as properties) to a component of blood called ‘Haemin’. It thus aids in improving the blood picture.


2. Combats Skin Ailments

Wheat grass therapy has proved effective in curing many skin ailments like boils, acne, itching, inflammation, eczema and other skin allergies. Apply the juice of the same onto the affected skin and take in the desirable dose. It acts as a blood purifier and natural antiseptic.


3. Anti-toxic and Germicidal Action

The chlorophyll component present in the Wheat grass has specific germicidal and anti-oxidant properties. This also tends to purify the blood by removing undesirable deposits and toxins from the body systems. It is thus recommendable as a curative as well as prophylactic therapy. 


4. Complete Food

 Wheatgrass contains many nutritional components. There is presence of chlorophyll content which is highly nutritive, a wide range of vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E, K and B 17 and also maximum number of minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous. Other than these, it contains vital amino acids that are the building blocks of the proteins. Studies have suggested that 1 kg of Wheatgrass equals in nutritional supply to approx. 23 kilograms of green vegetables.

5. Improves Digestion and Assimilation

Presence of the vital components tends to activate the enzyme levels, which causes a better metabolism and assimilation of nutrients.

6. Beneficial for Throat Afflictions

Try gargles with the juice of Wheatgrass and also swallow the same to get relief from sore throat, hoarseness of voice and vocal incompetence. 

7. Good for
Natural Healing

Wheatgrass juice can be applied to a wound or boil and find it heal faster and efficiently.


8. Recommended for Hair Maladies

You could even apply the same to your scalp to combat dandruff and brittle hair. Try a bath with water containing a few drops of Wheatgrass juice added to it. This works as a natural cleanser.

9. For Sinusitis and Headache

Another home remedy is for colds and headaches. Try a massage with the juice on your forehead and pour 2 drops in each nostril as nasal drops. It is also helpful in the malady of sinusitis.

10. Energy Tonic

Wheatgrass is believed to be a wonderful elixir that rejuvenates and revitalizes the dormant energy levels. The freshly extracted juice is to be consumed immediately for better benefits.


Recommended Dosage for Wheatgrass
Wheatgrass can be taken naturally in the form of fresh juice and extract. The recommended dose of the juice is 100-ml approx. per day. It should be taken preferably on an empty stomach. You need to start with a low dose and gradually increase the same. Or you could simply chew the grass and ingest the juice and fiber. It is also available in the market in the form of tablets and powder.

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