Recognized for various cosmetic, culinary as well as remedial purposes, the herb of Aloe vera is being grown abundantly in various parts of the world with slightly warm / tropical climatic conditions, especially in Asia, Europe and the US. This short-stemmed herb has thick, succulent leaves which contain a watery-substance known as the Aloe gel. The gel is what comes encumbered with a vast variety of bioactive compounds, which permits it to support us combat various health conditions.

Magnificent Health Benefits

  • Apart from a number of antioxidants, Aloe vera contains vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E, Choline and folic acid.
  • Interestingly, it is also one of the only known plant-sources of vitamin B12 known to mankind so far.
  • Besides, it is the storehouse of minerals such as calcium, chromium, manganese, potassium, sodium, selenium and zinc.
  • It also contains four different variations of fatty acids, known especially for anti-inflammatory properties.

Additional Assistance For Wound Healing

Besides, Aloe vera comes loaded with a wide range of enzymes, amino acids, anthraquinoes and sugars such as monosaccharides as well as polysaccharides. While the polysaccharides increase the cellular movement, these thus result in a rapid re – growth of the tissues and new skin formation.

Another compound called glycol-proteins act as analgesics and prevent any inflammation from taking place.

Glucomannan, which is one of the active compounds of Aloe vera, stimulates the production and growth of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for building new tissues and collagen.

Invariably, Aloe vera also contains a whole range of digestive and immunity-boosting benefits.

Natural Healing Of Wounds

Aloe extract is especially used for the dressing of the wounds, wherein this ancient and all-natural medicine contains immense healing powers. The topical application of an aloe-based cream or gel is actually quite effective in providing a curative support to some of severe cases of open wounds. We simply need to wipe clean the affected area, apply some Aloe gel directly onto it and wrap it tightly with some cotton gauze. As a complementary medicine, this not only helps to repair the wound, but it also lessens any chances of irritation / infection, or even scarring for that matter. Its high vitamin and antioxidant properties actually provide a great deal of relief by soothing, moisturizing and healing the affected area. Since it helps restore the burnt skin quickly, even the victims of burns are known to have gained immense relief with regular usage of aloe vera. That is another reason why people continue using it as an effective aftershave lotion.

Skincare Support

Aloe vera has long been used for a variety of health reasons, owing much to the natural availability of all these active components. No wonder why it has also been highly vouched for by Ayurveda as well as the Chinese system of medication for some traditional therapeutic purposes. Whether we are talking about psoriasis – a chronic auto-immune skin problem involving severe inflammation and scaling of the skin, or other skin conditions such as rashes or dermatitis, genital herpes, skin abrasions, stings or insect bites, burn injuries, surgical wounds, or even those simple cases of itching or inflammation for that matter, the application of aloe vera provides a much rapid relief compared to other home remedies or OTC recommendations.

Added Advantage of Aloe vera

It is interesting to know that the research is also indicating the effectiveness of this plant in providing anti-ageing benefits. By stimulating the fibroblasts in our skin, it makes the skin more elastic, thus preventing wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on our skin. The regular usage of aloe extract as an effective moisturizer, therefore, regenerates our skin from the inside out, and keeps it youthful and alive. No wonder why such a large variety of commercially available beauty and skincare products are commonly known to be carrying the healthful aloe extract as a major part of their ingredients. Therefore, if you desire the natural means to wound healing, while maintaining good health and providing yourself with optimum skin care, you need to get hold of some fresh Aloe vera extract!


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