When a wound is on a healing mission, we can say that very soon an all new skin is going to take its place. Actually, it takes some very complex biochemical reactions for the wound to heal completely. And in order to make sure no further complications arise, it is rather significant to tend to the wound, right from the moment it has occurred up to the time it gets entirely healed from outside, because any exposure to the unhealthy outside elements can lead to serious infections.

Heal your Wounds the Natural Way

Let us share with you some of the traditional, tried-and-tested herbal remedies that can help to cure the wounds naturally and provide a protective cover from within. Use of these natural extracts with antiseptic and anti-macrobiotic properties considerably prevents the occurrence of infections and speeds up the healing process, thus leaving behind the least amount of scars.

This particular healthy diet-product in its most raw form is antimicrobial by nature. Dressing a wound with honey keeps it safe and away from bacterial infections. It also makes way for a quicker recovery process. It is important for the pure honey to go as deep into the cut as possible, so as to react with the blood and tissues, and protect them from any further damage. This helps cure the wound from the root, and preventing it from redeveloping. 
Also known to heal burns, local application of the natural herb of Aloe vera gel several times a day on the external wounds not only helps to moisturize the wound and but also prevents further inflammation of the same. Thus, if you are applying raw Aloe vera stalk on the wound every couple of hours, this has been found to be extremely effective. However, it is not recommended to be used on wounds that go deep.

· Calendula

The antibacterial benefits of Calendula promotes healing, while preventing inflammation. You could either apply it as it is over the wound, use as an ointment or simply consume calendula tea to experience its benefits, by mixing one cup of warm water with approximately 1 tablespoon of calendula flowers.

· Turmeric

You can simply form a paste of this magical herb (using some water or the coconut oil) and spread it on top of a wound, or use any ointment containing turmeric as one of its ingredients. Its antibacterial properties help in preventing inflammation and also aids in healing the sore area right from within. Turmeric also has an ability to clot the blood, and makes the bleeding to stop. This natural herb also has a wide range of other benefits to offer. Wounds or no wounds, the herb of Turmeric has found its use in various skin related problems as its consumption nourishes the interiors of our body.

· Green Tea Extract

Studies suggest that an ointment containing approx. 0.5 percent of the Green tea extract is good fit to be applied on wounds for a quick and sound recovery.

· Tea tree oil

By fighting against bacteria and various fungal elements, the application of the Tea tree oil principally lubricates the wound and relieves us of the pain. Even the Clove oil has been observed to be effective, in cases where chances of infection are the least.

· Coconut Oil

It is believed that Coconut oil keeps the wounded area moisturized, has various anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to offer and also prevents the occurrence of scars, once the wound has finally healed.

Nature is the Best Healer!

Other than this, Nature has a number of other healing extracts to offer, including Chamomile, garlic, marshmallow roots, lavender, potato peels, Echinacea etc. All the Natural yields certainly come loaded with properties that substantially help to reduce both the diameter and depth of the wound. Besides, we recommend that you take a healthy, hearty diet during, before and even after the wound has healed, with loads of proteins, vitamins, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. This aids in making your body fit to fight away the various potential infections that come lurking along with these wounds. Not only this, the Natural support helps to rebuild tissues, forms collagen and eventually promotes the renewal and development of various skin cells.

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