Healing through Ayurveda – Tips for Dosha Understanding and Self Care

Book Synopsis

Humans. Men and women. Some skinny, some plump. Some hyper, some cool minded, some with a fluctuating mindset. Some creative, some perfectionists, some easy going. Some have a tough time fighting digestive disorders, some crib about skin afflictions, while some sniff and sneeze around frequently.
Trust it sounds familiar as you may yourself bear some of these traits. It is worth wondering why individuals have diverse personalities. Even in a single family one member gets easily annoyed, while the other remains unruffled by even most perplexing situations. One is a night person, while the other finds watching the sunrise fascinating. People differ not only in looks and mental temperament, but also in attitude, tastes, reactions, and abilities. But ever wondered why?
The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda has the answers to it. Ayurveda helps us categorize ourselves based on our inbuilt foundation. It is all about the play of vatta, pitta and kapha – the three primary body doshas. Knowing which dosha is dominant in us, why it gets aggravated, what illness the aggravation causes and how it can be balanced will make us our own doctor.
This book makes the task simpler for you. It is a great guide to help you identify yourself, understand the actions (and reactions), physical and mental characteristics and consequently balance the imbalance to restore natural well-being for entire life.

Foreword by Lissa Coffey (Author – What’s your dosha baby?) –

I am grateful to all those who are involved in teaching spreading across this ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Dr. Sonica Krishan has shared a very powerful and wonderful insight with us by the medium of her book Healing Through Ayurveda – Handbook For Dosha Understanding and Self Care.
I encourage you to soak up the wisdom imparted by Dr. Krishan’s through this highly useful book. I hope you’ll reap great benefits from the science of Ayurveda and attain a fruitful combination of healthy body, mind, and spirit!

Special Message by Ruzbeh N Barucha (Author, Editor and Documentary film maker) –

I enjoyed Dr. Sonica Krishan’s Healing through Ayurveda – Tips for Dosha Understanding and Self Care as Sonica is the ideal person to help us understand ourselves, then find out our strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and then be able to help our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth, by knowing what we can bank on, what needs changes, and what might be difficult to change. Once we have our road map, reaching our destination becomes easier.

Book Excerpts:

1)… Vatta gets naturally aggravated during the old age, in the late evenings, at clouding of the skies, after taking meals and in the rainy season. Eventually, other reasons that would aggravate Vatta and throw the TYPE – V people out of equilibrium both physically and also mentally, largely relate to two factors explicitly diet and lifestyle.
2)… In TYPE – P constitution, the Pitta Dosha is more abundantly found to be predominant. Therefore the nature of an individual possessing this particular Prakriti type will show most of the properties of the fire body humor like heat, sharpness, flowing, mobility and being viscous. This type of nature is moderately balanced and focused. The individual overall leads a healthy life full of vigour.
3)… As updated earlier, the three rasas (tastes) that are pungent, bitter and astringent are recommended to alleviate phlegm. Moreover, as against the basic properties of the phlegm humor, a Kapha person’s food should be somehow rough, light, potent and hot. Most of the stimulating spices and condiments are favorable. Kapha is generally slow and steady, so is the digestion of this type of individual. Although, kapha digestion is considered fairly sound, but it takes more time. For this reason this type of person needs to religiously avoid snacks. Likewise overeating even though infrequently might cause misery.
4)… All the three vitiated or imbalanced humors can be brought back to their original form. The only principle that works in this regard is to bring about a change in the Aahara (diet pattern) and in the Vihara (everyday activities that make your lifestyle). It has been specifically acknowledged in Ayurveda text that a dosha or body humor tends to get aggravated mainly by undertaking Aahara and Vihara of the properties similar to the respective Doshas. This is because ‘like increases like’. Hence, the vitiated or aggravated Dosha can only be nullified by undertaking the diet regimen and activities which oppose that particular humor in properties.

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