According to Ayurveda therapy, it is of foremost importance to discover the underlying cause of the liver disease before commencing the treatment. This is because a liver disease may result from numerous causes like diet and lifestyle discrepancy or due to improper functioning of liver and digestive system.


How Ayurveda Aids In Liver Disease

Ayurveda herb remedies not only help to strengthen the liver and restore the appetite but are also effective for treating anemia and indigestion. These natural Ayurveda herbs act as liver tonics and have a combined action on the liver and the entire digestive system. These natural herbs help correct both the liver disease and also restore proper functioning of liver.

As the liver disease progresses, there is a considerable increase in the Pitta Dosha, which is the element of fire inside the body. Increase in the Pitta Dosha tends to give the skin pale yellow color Also, since the bile does not go naturally into the intestines, the stools of the patient suffering from liver disease loose their brown color and become pale. This further leads to impairment of digestion, loss of appetite and feeling of vomiting. Sometimes there is pain in the region of liver and it is tender to touch as in case of liver diseases like jaundice and hepatitis.

Ayurveda Herbs Provide Natural Cure For Liver Disease

• Ayurveda herb ‘Kutaki’ is regarded as the drug of choice for liver disease and is an important natural ingredient in most of the herbal Ayurveda medicines for liver disease. This herb helps in balancing the aggravated Pitta dosha or fire body humor and tones up the intestines.

• Some Ayurveda physicians recommend the decoction of the natural Ayurveda herb ‘Punarvana’ which aids in revitalizing the functions of liver.

• Other natural Ayurveda herbs, which have recommended to rejuvenate the liver are ‘Vasaka’   (Adhatoda vasica), ‘Kakamachi’ (Solanum nigrum) and Trifla or the three Myrobalans.

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