Time and again you have been benefited by a kitchen ingredient that is useful in more ways than one. Turmeric or Haldi as locally known, the yellow colored spice has the Latin name Curcuma longa. Some Sanskrit names are more descriptive of the herb like Haridra i.e. that what protects the color of the body, Kanchnii.e. it is gold like in color  Krimighana i.e. it is a destroyer of worms and Yoshitpriya i.e. it is favourable for women for enhancing their beauty. 


Ayurveda Analysis of Turmeric

As per Ayurveda, turmeric is believed to be a destroyer of all the three basic doshas of the body viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This needs to be understood that these doshas or body humors when remain in their balanced state, provide us with the fruit of health. On the contrary any distortion among any of the same results in the production of a disease. Therefore, Ayurveda recommends the herb of Turmeric in a large variety of ailments.


8 Best Ayurveda Benefits of Turmeric for Health and Beauty

1. Turmeric as Anti – Allergy Herb: Turmeric comes to an extensive use in treating an allergic malady. In the skin ailment of Urticaria, when there is severe itching and rash on the skin, the preparations of turmeric come as a drug of choice.
2. Turmeric as Pain Reliever: Any pain and swelling resulting from an injury can be treated by applying turmeric warmed along with some mustard oil. Turmeric is also a possessor of unique wound healing properties. Besides, it would prevent blood loss from the site. It is also advisable to drink hot milk with half teaspoon turmeric added to it.
3. Turmeric Resists Congestion due to Cold: The fumes produced by burning a piece of raw turmeric are to be inhaled. This is an excellent cure for blocked nose.
4. Turmeric as a Wormicide: 1 to 3 grams of the powder of turmeric is to be taken with warm water. For children half gram is sufficient and this can be given mixed into some jaggery.

5. Turmeric as Female Tonic: Turmeric is recommended in a number of female disorders. Being hot in potency and also pungent in taste, it is quite beneficial during the postnatal and lactating period.


6. Turmeric for Enhancing Digestion: Taking equal quantities of turmeric powder and black salt along with warm water after the meals is a good digestive aid. This is an easy remedy to stay clear from maladies like gas, indigestion and constipation.
7. Turmeric as Anti-Toxic Remedy: In case of a bite by a poisonous organism like Scorpio, spider etc turmeric again comes to rescue. In Ayurvedic texts, it has been told that the fumes of burning turmeric can combat the toxicity and pain caused by the bite. Another remedy is to mix turmeric and sesame seed oil and massage the mixture into the place of the bite.
8. Turmeric as Beauty Therapy: Turmeric has an efficient cosmetic use. Turmeric mixed with gram- flour (besan) and Sandalwood powder applied to the skin makes it soft and glowing and helps to remove blemishes. This can be supplemented with a little oil or butter. 
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