About Silent Musings 

Poetry is, I believe, one of the most sincere and versatile modes of expression. It is God’s gift to the mankind to say and reach without being there.

The Reflections

I have been writing poetry from my school days. The first experience that I remember even now was having a quarrel with my best friend. I wrote a few lines in my diary, in order to relieve myself, and it took the form of a poem. Since then, nothing has held back. I have written on various occasions, moods, reflexes as well as relationships.

Why I Write?

Somehow, two things that always makes me to write a poem is the perplexity in different relationships which life brings forward and all those moments, be it of extreme joy or agony, which touches somewhere deep inside. Also, there is a continuous search of the creator along with the supernatural powers he holds. And Nature has for always been a passion for my soul!

My First Poetry Book!

Once in a while, a subject that appears pathetic makes me to write instantly.
Silent Musings is my book in English poetry and prose, wherein I have been gratefully able to unveil the treasure of verses, lying serene in my diaries. As and when you have a read, you might find some of the poems reflecting your own internal enunciation. Though, some poems could appear difficult to comprehend.

Understanding Is Essential

But as words would have it.

“If you cannot understand my Silence You may never understand my Words!”

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