Stevia extract has of late gained enormous popularity among the strata of health conscious people and therefore, those individuals serving this category, in order to make the foods and beverages taste scrumptious find stevia just as sweet as other artificial sweeteners but way low on the actual amount of sweet it contains. The herb of Stevia as an additive is basically known to help in sugar reduction as well as maintenance of flavours. Studies across the world indicate that regular consumption of stevia has been associated with significantly reduced sugar levels and obesity among the individuals.

Is Stevia Natural?

Stevia is one of those natural sweeteners which are not only non-caloric in nature but are also loaded with a variety of other health promoting properties. This shrub which is mainly of the South American origin, apart from being naturally sweet in its taste, also contains a considerable number and variety of bioactive compounds, including amino acids and antioxidants such as apigenin, kaempferol and quercitrin.

Antioxidant Activity

Antioxidants are known to fight the disease causing free radicals present in our body and boost our overall immune system. Consumption of stevia on regular basis promotes the cardiovascular as well as renal function in our body. Besides, it also prevents the onset of the challenging conditions of hypertension and hyperglycaemia. The antioxidant activity portrayed in Stevia also protects our body from any DNA based damage, which might otherwise lead us to serious physical conditions, including cancer. Stevia, besides being loaded with antioxidants, also boosts the existing antioxidant levels in our body. All these properties of stevia, therefore and thus, approve us with a long and healthy life.

Is Stevia Sweeter Than Sugar?

Another reason why stevia is being encouraged on a commercial level as a sweet additive is because it is known to be about 300 times sweeter than the regular, synthetic sugar that we use. Hence, only a small amount of stevia needs to be added to satiate the sugar cravings. And at the same time, stevia consumption does not lead to any noteworthy upsurge in blood sugar levels, and is, therefore, absolutely safe for diabetics to use on a regular basis. Also, it can be straightforwardly added to practically any food or beverage item, and while it mixes easily, it also tastes just the sweet as sugar! Besides stevia is also known to regulate our overall appetite, hence encouraging us not to eat anything more than what our body actually requires.

Delightful Dietary Enhancement!

All of these factors make stevia abundant dietary supplement to be included in our everyday meal plans. On the other hand, the presence of stevia in food items leads to no considerable change in their natural nutrient content, thus keeping the vitamin and mineral levels unaffected. There are various products that we end up consuming during the day which are extremely high on their sweet, calorie and carbohydrate content, thanks to the presence of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, cyclamates etc. Even those countless cups of tea or coffee and chilled beverages along with sweetened bakery products we thrive on contain huge amounts of calories. Substituting these food items with those containing stevia as a sweetener not only prevents raising sugar levels, but also offers a host of other health benefits, thanks to it being rich in antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. Besides, you would be surprised to discover that there are a wide range of recipes and health drinks which can be prepared using this vegetable-based sweetening additive. While they are deliciously sweet, these sweet dishes leave no unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

How Is It Available?

Stevia extract is available throughout markets in the form of liquid as well as powder. This nutrient rich, all natural sweetener is 100% safe for consumption and has no known side effects to offer. With stevia around, there is absolutely no need for those suffering from diabetes, obesity or similar health problems to be deprived of all things sweet. Even the ones who are otherwise apt could make it a point to add Stevia in their everyday meal plans to be able to continue enjoying the goodness of a good health.

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