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We surely are desperate while looking for a cure that is natural and has no major side-effects, whenever we happen to be suffering from any ailment. This search becomes even more thoughtful when dealing with a disease as serious as dengue or the fever it brings along. In fact, it is not merely the fever that becomes the major cause of concern, the body-ache, weakness, rashes, severe headache, low blood pressure, muscle pain etc, which are clear symptoms of the onset of a severe dengue contraction also raise alarm.

How To Keep A Check?

Dengue remains one of the most feared diseases, and unfortunately, no scientific medication based treatment has been discovered for it till date. It is therefore recommended to keep a strict check on the symptoms arising from dengue. The best way to learn about the actual spread of this disease in one’s body is by keeping a tab on the blood platelet count. This is because dengue seriously tends to affects the same. This, if taken lightly, might lead to haemorrhage, with severe internal bleeding, dripping blood pressure and, in the worst of cases, even death.

Safety Matters!

Dengue is transmitted from the bite of the Aedes mosquito. Contracting ailments like like Dengue is more common in tropical regions or in those areas where it tends to rain a lot. Therefore, it has become very important to keep oneself safe from mosquito bites. There are some natural herbs like Guduchi or Giloy, papaya leaf and neem that have proved to be helpful as a treatment against this disease.

What Is Guduchi?

The natural herb of Guduchi, scientifically known as Tinospora cordifolia, is a famous Ayurvedic herb found abundantly in India, and is since long been known to cure a vast variety of diseases. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (fever-curing) properties, Guduchi remains one of the most magical herbs known to mankind. Tinospora is effective in promoting regeneration of the liver. It helps to remove renal stones and toxins from blood. Giloy also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic actions. Guduchi, also known as Giloy or Amrita in traditional medical terms, is also believed to naturally purify our blood and detoxify it, therefore leading to the prevention of various infections. It is also a rich source of healthy antioxidants for us. Not only this, Guduchi has been successfully tested in clinical trials and is being manufactured under recommended conditions. Even in minor doses, Guduchi works miraculously.

How Does Guduchi Work?

Guduchi plays an amazing role in strengthening our natural immune system by helping the white blood cell (WBC) count to increase in our body. This action of Guduchi as a major immunity booster is very remedial especially during the dengue spell. Also, in a scientific study, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) was found to enhance the ability of macrophages (cells that fight foreign bodies.) Thus, the stem is used in conditions like dengue, swine flu and urinary tract infections. The bitter properties not only cure dengue but also prevent regular recurrence helping prevent infectious diseases like dengue, swine flu, malaria etc.

When To Use Guduchi?

The herb of Guduchi or Giloy provides a balancing and rejuvenating effect on the body systems. And while there are immense health- restorative actions of this herb, it may be brought to use in the cases of –

·    Pain and fever

·    Treatment and Prevention of mosquito borne diseases

·    Dengue

·    Malaria

·    Swine flu

·    Bird flu

·    Fevers, infections and pains.


Guduchi Remedies For Healthcare

·    Guduchi is usually available in the form of powder or as tablets, comprising of Guduchi extract, mostly its stem. Though, some homemade remedies may also be prepared using this herb.

·    The inner bark of Neem, Rasont and Guduchi taken in equal quantities with half teaspoon of warm water gives protection from infectious fevers.

·    Juice extracted from approx. one feet long branch of Guduchi and seven leaves of Tulsi (Holy Basil); boiled and taken, tend to enhance the immunity power. This remedy also helps to increase platelets count considerably.

·    You may also try having the freshly prepared juicy extract of the herb, at least two to three times a day, for a few days, and enjoy the amazing benefits it offers.

·    The herb was successfully used by Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev in treatment of dengue as Guduchi juice increases platelet count. Don’t be surprised when you see good news on your report, next time you get the blood platelet count done!

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