The Latin name of the herb (Condiment/Spice) of Black pepper is Piper nigrum and the popular Hindi synonym is Kali Mirch. The fruit is part of the herb is what we use as a condiment and also as medicine. Medicinally, the recommended dosage of Black Pepper is half to one gram. Although, it is advised that Black Pepper needs to be crushed or powdered just before use. Ayurveda recommends Black Pepper as a natural cure for digestive maladies.

Great For Detox

Black Pepper is also a wonderful detox agent. This spice aids in opening as well as cleaning the entire channels of the body and as well extracting body wastes or accumulated toxins. This is mainly because this particular herb is hot in potency and pungent in taste.

Natural Properties

Black Pepper is rich in Vitamins A and B and contains minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorous. It is rather pungent in taste and the aftertaste is bitter.

Black Pepper Benefits In Indigestion

  • Small quantity of Black Pepper with Buttermilk could give you quick relief from the symptoms of indigestion.

  • When there is a burning sensation in the abdomen (mainly on the upper side), which could be associated with poor appetite and loose bowels, Black Pepper comes to use. One-fourth teaspoon of the Pepper powder taken with a glass of lemon water (preferably warm) before the meals will aid digestion.

  • When indigestion is in the form of recurrent loose stools along with mucus, you can take the recommended dosage of Black Pepper and Saindhav Salt along with natural herbs of Aniseed, dried Mint and large Cardamom.

  • If there is excessive production and expulsion of wind along with a foul smell, four or five freshly ground Black Pepper-corns in a glass of water with a few drops of lemon juice taken early morning on an empty stomach helps alleviate these symptoms.

  • Indigestion, along with occasional loose motions, is another distressing feature of the ailment. This not only causes general malaise, but you also tend to feel lethargic and weak. For relief, you may simply chew on four or five Black Pepper-corns and slowly swallow the juice. If need be, you may drink some water afterwards; but it is advisable that you repeat this twice or thrice a day, depending upon the severity of the condition of indigestion.

  • Also, Indigestion is usually accompanied by symptoms of loss of hunger. For this, I would recommend you make a powdered mixture of the natural ingredients of Black Pepper, Cumin seeds, dried Ginger and Saindhav Salt in equal quantities. You need to take this after meals along with some warm water.


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