Many of us are often confused considering what would be the best conduct to go about for effective weight management, and we tend to lose the smallest of hopes when even a single weight loss technique does not seem to be work for us. However, nature has simplest answers to one of the major queries mankind has ever pondered upon – how to lose weight the coolest and simplest way. And the answer is: Kokum or Garcinia, also called the Malabar Tamarind (Kokum being the fruit of Garcinia indica which is regarded as the twin sister of Garcinia cambogia).

What Exactly Is Kokum?

Kokum is the extract attained from one of the most exotic spices known to us. A staple among the Konkans, it is mainly found in the Malabar regions of India. Regionally known by the name of Sol kadhi or kodampuli, Kokum is an appealing, creamy drink that works as an excellent beverage to cool down during hot and humid weather conditions. Also known by the name of Garcinia cambogia, this natural weight loss aid is fast becoming one of the major favourites among people looking to not only reduce, but also to maintain and manage a healthy overall weight.

Weight Management With Kokum

Kokum or the herb of Garcinia cambogia, when taken on regular basis, leads to a significant loss not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of fat. This herb, therefore, fights the unfair accumulation of fat in our body. People have confessed to having lost significant amounts of excessive body weight on a regular consumption of Kokum, at least twice a day. No wonder that it is largely being used as chief ingredient in a variety of weight loss pills and healthy weight management supplements.

Aids In Assisting Weight loss

  • Garcinia or Kokum is said to reduce the conversion of food into fat, a process that is scientifically known as lipogenesis. Therefore, the synthesis of fatty acids is inhibited to a great extent, thus preventing the very build-up of fats in the first place.
  • Apart from being healthy and delicious, Garcinia is also quite filling in nature. It is therefore rewarding for the appetite.
  • This natural aid also comes loaded with various phytonutrients, with the prominent one being Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA). The regular consumption of this healthy constituent goes a long way in curbing the excessive appetite and that urge to continuously munch on something or the other.
  • The benefits of HCA are immense. This is an effective tool for managing obesity, to slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into fats, to promote the synthesis of fatty acids in our body, and also in the conversion of sugar into lipids and triglycerides, thus reducing the overall production of fat. It also has a tendency to convert any excess calories in our body into glycogen.
  • Not only this taking Kokum regularly maintenances the heart as the HCA also contains several cholesterol lowering properties.

Other Healthcare Assistances

Kokum consumption also prevents us from suffering from problems such as sunstroke and dehydration. Not only this, Kokum is loaded with a variation of healthy nutrients and minerals, and hence, has been an Ayurveda favourite since ages, altogether. Kokum actually owes a majority of these properties to the presence of garcinol, an active ingredient which renders Kokum or Garcinia cambogia all those anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-cancer and various other benefits. Besides, it is alleged that Garcinia also contains several anti-helminthic properties that help in removing worms from the stomach, and therefore, prevents various stomach disorders from arising.

How To Take Kokum?

Generally referred to as the ‘Cool king’ among the Indian fruits, kokum is normally available in powdered form, and can be consumed by adding some sugar and ice cold water to it. On the other hand, if whole Kokum is available, we can simply soak it in water overnight, extract the juice thereafter and store it for consumption for the next few days. Some people also like to add some horse gram to the soaking kokum, boil the mixture the next morning, strain it out and enjoy the sheer range of benefits that it has to offer.

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