Natural Immunity

Ayurveda lays emphasis the importance of having a balanced lifestyle for building up the immunity. Staying rested, fresh, energetic and enthusiastic are requirements to keep the immune system strong and averting illness. If you are seeking to increase your immunity, Ayurveda has several approaches.

• Take care to include exercises in your daily routine. This helps to keep more active, flexible and away from diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pains etc.

• These exercises should be according to your own strength and tolerance power. A brisk walk early in the morning is a good form of exercise.

• Everyday exercises are helpful to relieve stress and also to increase the body’s resistance against disease.

Sound sleep for seven to eight hours is the best form of rest. This helps the body and mind to relax completely and also helps regain the daily loss of energy.

• Ayurveda believes that a happy disposition of the mind reinstates natural immunity in the body making it to work as barrier against disease. Ayurveda lays emphasis on Satvik temperament of the mind which attributes to strengthening the individual on physical, psychological and spiritual grounds.

• Also, being physically fit and energetic evokes your body and mind the effectual Karma for the state of natural wellbeing.

Yoga is one of the best existing forms of physical exercise recommended for immunity building.

• Other than this Ayurveda relates the virtues of natural inbuilt resistance to factors like birth in a healthy environment, the time of the year which would be naturally strengthening and the innate physical constitution and mental temperament.

Rasayana Rejuvenation Therapy Aids in Boosting Immunity

Ayurveda offers age-old rehabilitation therapy of Rasayana that imparts natural rejuvenation management occupies a prime position in Ayurveda and abides as a distinctive branch that deals with maintaining and ameliorating the body functions, including those of the brain. All the more, timely use of Rasayanas could help in increasing resistance against disease, enhancing your health and vigour and delaying the debility of aging. An herbal formulation of Chyavanprasha Rasayana has the adage of Sage Chyavan restoring youth while in old age with this Rasayana.

Ayurveda Herbs and Diet
Important Ayurvedic herbs recommended in this treatment are aamla (Indian Gooseberry), manjistha (rubia cordifolium), katuka (picrorrhiza kurroa), neem (azadiracta indica), tulsi (holy basil), haridra ( turmeric), Ghrit Kumari (aloe Vera) etc. Other than these herbs suggested in Ayurveda text for detoxification and immunity boost, some diet ingredients like cow’s milk, honey, ghee (clarified butter) and colon cleansing herbal formulations like Trifla churana are of immense help.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Recommendation for Boosting Immunity

This inculcates the small and yet significant guidance towards everyday living. Waking up in Brahma Muhurata which is the early morning time between 4 to 6 am, relieving the bowels, cleaning of the face and mouth along with care of the teeth and tongue and daily eye care have been recommended. This also includes other procedures like Gandoosha or holding oil in the mouth and nasal cleansing. Also, simple process of Prasadhana or application of perfumed pastes, scrubbing of the body, optimum exercise routine and daily bathing is a definite feature of Ayurveda lifestyle guidance. Not only this, a positive mental attitude is also considered obligatory for implementing lifestyle changes for natural well being, pungent, bitter and astringent.

Detoxification Boosts Immunity

Timely and thorough detoxification of the body by the means of Ayurvedic treatments of Panchakarma is highly supportive for boosting immunity. Ayurvedic treatments for detoxification helps to thoroughly cleanse body systems so as to balance and reduce the accumulated toxins within the body. The elimination channels of the body—lungs, kidneys, intestines and skin—work more efficiently when we get rid of the wastes. As these toxins cause imbalance in the three doshas of the body (video) , timely detoxification of the body helps restore the natural balance of the doshas. Ayurvedic science believes that one can only enjoy the fruit of health if all the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) are in balanced state. Ayurvedic treatments for detoxification help to re-create the balance in the doshas.

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