Wrong Food
Knowingly or unknowingly we tend to take in some food combinations, that are actually mismatched. If you would be a little more cautious on this front, you could prevent so many maladies that are bound to interfere with your natural balance and wellbeing; and which crop up only because you have been less concerned about your everyday diet intake. Ayurveda as Preventive therapy makes us well aware about Incompatible diet that you need to restrict , or better still avoid so as to enjoy the fruit of natural health and longevity!

Ayurveda discourages Incompatible Diet

Some foods work well together, whereas other make wrong food combinations are best not eaten together. There are several elements of Ayurveda science to consider when preparing your meals and paying attention to your eating habits. The science behind eating an Ayurveda diet includes creating proper eating combinations to optimally support the body and its relationship to diet.
Wrong Food


1. Guna Virudha ( Foods with Opposing Properties)

In this type of dietary incompatibility, the diet constituents oppose in their basic properties. For example, Taking milk and fish at the same time would be considered incompatible.


2. Sanyog Virudha (Foods with Particular Incompatibility)

This  wrong food combination and incompatibility opposes combination of some particular foods, such as taking jaggery or honey along with radish.


3. Sanskara Virudha ( Cooking Together Causes Incompatibility)

This refers to procedural disparity in cooking some food items. For example, cooking pigeon’s meat in mustard oil can be toxic.


4. Desha Virudha ( Environmental Effect Causes Wrong Foods)

This means that diet combinations sometimes become detrimental when they are taken by people staying in particular environmental conditions. For instance, people living in colder climates and who feast on more cold and slimy foods would aggravate Kapha dosha or the phlegm body humor, and cause related ailments.

Wrong Food


5. Kaala Virudha (Seasonal Disparity for Particular Foods)

This means to be going against the right time and seasonal indications. This type of dietary incompatibility may be ascertained by the illustration of taking in more hot and spicy foods in peak summers or cold and dry foods during winter season.


6. Matra Virudha ( Toxic Effect of Some Food Combinations)

This is incompatibility due to specific combinations. For instance, it has been narrated in Ayurveda text that taking in of honey and ghee in equal quantities could be toxic.


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