When we consider keeping ourselves fit and healthy even orally, herbal mouthwash comes to mind. Germs and plaque are undoubtedly enemies for oral healthcare. The deposits of plaque and germ infection can be a direct result of lack of oral hygiene. It could further initiate gum diseases, like swelling of your gums or other bacterial toxicities.


Significance of Oral Health & Hygiene

It has been well-said that our mouth is window to the health of our body. Therefore, no matter how healthy we are eating, it is absolutely important to also ensure the overall health of our teeth and gums, and practice a good oral hygiene on a regular basis. If we do not brush our teeth soon after getting up, following a meal, or before bedtime, oral germs and bacteria start to build up in our mouth. Before we know it, there’s plaque, a thin, soft and sticky film of bacteria, settling right there on top of our teeth. Over a period of time, this tends to cause some serious tooth decay and can even lead to cavities, gum diseases and gingivitis. The plaque may eventually turn into a rather thick layer called tartar, causing swelling and bleeding in the gums while brushing. If your gums get affected, then the oral health problems only get aggravated. Whereas the bones surrounding the gums can get weakened and the gums can get swollen; there could be bleeding of gums or redness of gums; and severe damages would eventually lead to teeth loss.


Take To Preventive Measures

Therefore, preventive healthcare should be followed to reduce the risks. Herbal mouthwashes are a great support, to help sustain oral hygiene. It is a natural oral health treatment; considered to be free of any toxic or synthetic ingredients. It is now acknowledged as a safer procedure for maintaining oral hygiene and health. In addition, using herbal mouthwash is regarded as an alternative treatment to the cosmetic dental treatment, available commercially. Therefore, it is absolutely important to make sure that we brush our teeth two to three times a day, every day followed by a good mouthwash in order to rinse away any leftover germs or food particles. Mouthwash also gives us a feeling of freshness, and helps keep bad breath away.


Herbal Mouthwash is Supportive

However, as fancy and useful as they may appear, these commercially available mouthwash solutions often contain an array of chemicals. Many a times these mouthwashes would not be safe and effective for all oral conditions. The most commonly found mouthwash formulations contain either Alcohol base or Chlorhexidine. These chemicals have a tendency to seriously harm our oral health in the long run.

Mouthwash With Healing Herbs!

Herb based mouthwashes are generally made of plant based ingredients. These could be made from natural constituents such as peppermint oil or leaf; clove oil; eucalyptus oil; rosemary leaf and cinnamon. It will boost your oral health, by killing germs and reducing bad breath and no artificial colours or synthetic material are used in a typical herbal mouthwash recipe.

The presence of healing herbs is just what makes them naturally antibacterial and antibiotic. Unlike their commercial counterparts, these herbal mouthwashes do not contain any hidden, harmful chemicals. It is strongly recommended to do a herbal mouthwash rinse on a daily basis. It has clear long term benefits; for example, their anti-microbial property cleans your dental roots, and is not a superficial solution.


DIY Herbal Mouthwash

You can prepare a herbal, homemade mouthwash that does no harm your teeth, but only provides with virtuous health gain benefit. For this, you need to take one cup of water. Choose any one of the oils from cinnamon, tea tree, wintergreen or clove, and add approximately twenty drops of the same to distilled or boiled and cooled water. Then put the solution in a glass jar, and store it. Use it as and when you feel the need for a refreshing rinse, but make sure to shake well just before. This easy-to-make herbal mouthwash is helpful in keeping your mouth clean and fresh, while keeping the oral bacteria at bay.

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