Putting on a few pounds during the chilly and cold months of the year is considered to be natural and a rather inevitable part of the season, so much so that winters are often associated with an increased appetite. Thus many of us like to believe that in order to keep warm and snug, we simply need to eat more and frequently. However, it is due to this very belief that we end up bingeing on some rather unhealthy food options, those that are heavy, high on empty calories and possibly, even high on sweetness factor. And though we might refuse to accept, but winters pretty much equal a good amount of weight gain for most of us. Also nonetheless, although we might be munching what we perceive as comfort food, ever so often indulging in such cravings many a times result in sudden drop in the blood glucose levels, thus making us yearn for more energy, and consequently, more food. And the vicious cycle goes on.

We Are Hungrier! Aren’t We?

That our appetite tends to increase during winter season is not all just hearsay, though. Research does support the fact that during winters, there is a significant increase in the production of a hormone known as melatonin in our body, which could lead to an increased appetite. But watching out for what we eat and how much we could be nibbling is needed.

Try To Be More Vigorous And Energetic

Besides, doesn’t the chill just make it a tad bit difficult for us to work out and keep fit in order to burn up all that fat we have been storing? We avoid going outdoors as far as possible and prefer the warm comfort of our homes – another reason leading to weight gain. Interestingly, it has been found that those who are overweight generally tend to feel more cold, the reason being their inability to move about, keep active and hence, a comparative inability to burn calories so as to generate heat.

Natural Remedies For Preventing Weight Gain

Here are a few natural tips and to-do’s in order to prevent putting on those extra pounds this winter season:

·         Lemon juice is believed to aid digestion and fight obesity, while also allowing us to detox our body. Try consuming a glass of warm water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed into it, first thing in the morning. Practice this regularly and by the end of fall, you might actually see a drop in your weight.

Aloe vera extract also helps in curbing weight gain by enhancing our natural metabolism and increasing energy consumption as well as using up the excessive fat in our body.

·         Also, it is believed that a nice warm cup of green tea inhibits the absorption of unhealthy fat absorption in our body. The fact that it is also loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants and various other healthy minerals only adds to the list of reasons why green tea might be good for weight loss.

·     Water is good, no matter which season we are talking about. That holds especially true as long as it also succeeds to replace other beverages and unhealthy liquid calories. Consume as much amount of water a day as possible, and especially before each meal so that you do not end up eating beyond what’s best.

·        You need to more mindful regarding your diet. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, no matter what. Snacking is fine, but not the mindless one. Make sure you opt for healthier snacking options, especially those that are high on protein, and include a variety of seasonal, nutrient rich fruits and salads, preferably those that are high on antioxidant content and vitamin C, which help boost your immune system in turn, besides of course preventing the frequent pangs of hunger.

·         You could also try dividing your diet into smaller portions, some 5-6 of those a day and do practice ‘mindful eating’.

·         Prevent the consumption of added sugar, such as that contained in various caffeine-based beverages, sweets, puddings, etc.

·         Otherwise, it is believed that a nice, warm cup of unsweetened black coffee or even the green coffee aids weight loss along with giving you some dose of caffeine.

·         Working out becomes especially important during the winter season, so do hit that gym or go out for brisk walking or even a jog in order to keep yourself warm, as well as burn those excessive calories.

Care And Caution Is Needed

Winter season naturally brings along a number of reasons to party and rejoice, please make sure that you do not get carried away. You could always try out these simple lifestyle and dietary hacks and stay in the best of your shape, all through the year!

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