Q. Hello doctor, I start feeling excessive chronic fatigue just after an hour I get up each morning. Sometimes it starts after my morning breakfast. I remain in this intense fatigue state till sun sets in the evening and a little darkness falls. In the night I feel a little energetic. The symptoms include: I feel excess tiredness even without doing work for a week. Even if I take sound sleep in the night, the fatigue again starts the next morning. I had a habit of long walks in the evening and I also joined a Gym in the morning. But still I didn’t feel any improvement even after months of this routine. Kindly help me.

A. Your fatigue may be related to excessive physical and mental stress. Ashwagandha preparation in any form would be good for you. You may take Ashwagandha powder along with a glassful of sweetened milk twice daily. Go in for full body massage and pressing the back of your lower legs would help. Instead of gym, go in for Yoga asanas and walking in the fresh air early morning. You also need to follow a time table for the right scheduling of diet, rest or sleep and exercise. I would also strongly recommend getting in the habit of everyday meditation, preferably before sleep.

Q. I have been having a few health concerns lately and I was hoping you could give me some advice. As far as I know my Prakriti is Pitta-Kapha. I have had IBS symptoms including constipation, bloatedness and a feeling of heaviness. I seem to be clinging onto about 5 extra kgs and my immunity has been down over the last few months (I keep on catching the cold!).

I am convinced that my symptoms are linked to my poor digestion. What can you suggest to get me back to optimal health? I am confused as to whether this is a kapha or vata imbalance and which foods I should avoid. Thanks so much, your response and advice is greatly appreciated!

A. After going through your question, it appears like you probably have Kapha aggravation and thus your digestion and immunity are effected. Are Ayurveda medicines available with you out there? In that case, you may go in for Lavan Bhaskara Churan and Sanjiivani Vatti which would be of help in IBS problem and setting back your gastric fire. Alternately, There are some Ayurveda herbs that I would recommend. Bilva is a fruit which could be available as juice/powder/tablet form. Or you can crush the ripened fruit and Take the pulp mixing in with some water twice daily. Turmeric mixed in warm milk at bedtime. Also, a decoction may be prepared with Ayurveda natural herbs like Holy Basil, mint, Great Cardamom, black pepper and thyme. Take this warm every four hours 20 ml. Early dinner and eating only when hungry would help. Also, bitter, pungent and astringent tastes are advisable in food. God Bless..

Q. Hello Doctor, I’m suffered by Gastritis (GERD), heart-burn and upper abdomen discomfort are worst. Is it possible to cure gastritis permanently in ayurveda? I’m very grateful to you, if you give me an answer in detail.

A. GERD or Hyperactidity / Gastritis has a suitable cure in Ayurveda therapy, provided you stick to the norms regarding diet and lifestyle. for your diet guidance, please read this article


Also, in your daily lifestyle, try and inculcate yoga asanas and pranayaam under guidance of an expert and avoid stress.

You may also include these –

Coconut water is sweet in taste and cold in action. According to the Ayurvedic view, coconut aids in balancing the distortion in the body systems caused by aggravation of the fire body humor. Therefore the use of coconut has been emphasized in the ailments that result from increased heat in the body. It is beneficial in curing the associated maladies like hyperacidity, gastritis, and excessive thirst and heartburn. A pain in the abdomen accompanied with burning sensation can be cured with the intake of coconut water because of it’s properties to subside both heat and pain.

Also, The fresh juice extracted from Aloe vera when taken in a dose of ten to twenty ml two or three times in a day is a good cure for relieving acidity. Mulathi powder in little milk may be taken . Ayurveda ,medications like Avipattikar churana, Mahashankh vatti, Patolaadi quath etc may be taken in supervision of Ayurvedic expert. God Bless.

Q. My age is 19.. since i am in hostel .i can’t avoid hostel oily and spicy food..i have too many acne marks on my face..and still few pimples.. Would you pls recommend me wat to do?

A. As you’re staying in hostel, away from home, I can understand your choice of healthy diet is limited. It would be of help if you could increase water intake sufficiently and take care of thoroughly splashing your face with cold water, along with using a mild herbal face wash. Try to include more of fresh salad and fruits in your diet. Try this Home Remedy for acne/pimples. Two teaspoons of Rose syrup mixed in a glassful of water taken on an empty stomach once or twice a day is a cure for heat borne skin ailments like pimples. The Rose water can also be applied externally to the skin. Also, Fresh juice or extract from the herb Aloe vera is another Natural boon for the skin. Having the property of blood purification, it is also beneficial in curing many skin ailments like acne, allergic rash, swelling and also blemishes. You can also have a read of my article – How to glow skin Naturally here.. http://www.herboveda.co.in/2010/09/08/glow-skin-naturally/

Q. How can i improve my concentration while studying ? Please suggest a few tips.

A. Meditation works wonders in gaining concentration and you must try to spare at least 10-15 minutes for yourself for the same. You also need to inculcate Yoga & Pranayama deep breathing exercises that would enhance your memory basically working on your mental stress levels and psychological positivism. Also, you may safely include Ayurveda formulations like Brahm Rasayana and Sarswatarishtam. Try to catch up with your studies in wee hours of morning that sets up added advantage and is regarded as ‘Brahma Muhutata’ as per Ayurveda text.

Q. I feel like its an anchor pulling me down toward ‘succumbing’ and in a way draining me of life… Sometimes it is so present it’s like a wall between me and the world. Sometimes it is a vague reminder, and sometimes it is moderately present, giving me adequate space to function while still being in the way and not giving me the room I need to live fully and exuberantly. Would love to hear tips on where to go with this! I am tired of laying down and believe a solution can be reached where I am fully alive again at all times. If there is a way out i am determined to find it. I am tired of being disconnected from life even for a second!

A. I had to read your query more than once to figure out what actually seems to be going wrong with you. Although you have named therapies like energy enhancement and Chakra balancing, but tell me practically how much aware are you to the benefits of our ancient wisdom named YOGA. I do not know if at all you practice the Yoga techniques, but once you learn and adopt the system I am sure you are definitely going to benefit tremendously from it.

I state again you need to practice it daily. Go for Asanas like Bhujanga asana, Trikon asana and Yoga mudra (or even Surya Namaskar). Also practice some controlled breathing techniques like anulom vilom and Bhramari Pranayaam. Practice Dhyana Mudra by touching the tips of your first finger and the tip of the thumb. All this has to be undertaken religiously and Shava asana relaxation technique after the exercises.

Do all this half to one hour before sunrise and stay more in fresh air.

At the same time you need to practice Meditation and train your mind for positive thinking. I know it is easy said than done but keep in mind always that your life is the most precious gift to you from God. You owe him a balanced and happy life more than anything.

I also recommend intake of Ashwagandha and Aloevera herbs regularly once or twice daily. They are available as Capsule extracts. I hope you find solace and good health. God bless you.

Q. My child of 1 year does not eat anything, also he is not drinking milk from the bottle for last 2-3 months. He only breastfeeds. Can you suggest some Ayurvedic medicine for the same. And also please tell that if he still does not eat, is it fine?

A. It is perfectly fine for a child to take to mother’s feed for the first year. After this, you would slowly need to wade off the child from taking to only your feed but also start with giving him very small portions of semisolid foods like diluted Suji kheer or mashed ripe banana or mashed boiled potato etc. There are no medicines required, although you can give him Bonnisan syrup (Himalaya) for his growth and appetite.

And yes it is fine. Please don’t force upon the baby and let him take his own time. All you need to do is be a little persistent in your efforts. See that the child is playing, sleeping and active and has normal bowels.

Q. I have been advised by an Ayurvedic doctor to take some herbs mixed with Shilajit. As far as Shilajit is concerned it is a raw material. Can I mix this with the other herbs in milk and consume or does this require any processing to remove impurities assuming that it is good quality raw material.

A. Shilajit needs to be purified prior to use. Generally, the stones of Shilajit are powdered and mixed with half the quantity of the decoction of Triphla ( Harad, Baheda, Aamla) and double the quantity of water. This mixture is then kept in the sun for a full day. By evening, a dark, clear creme is formed on top of the mixture. This creme is then separated and the entire process is repeated. All the creme thus collected is pure Shilajit.

In your case, I would still advise you to take the processed Shilajit from a reputed Ayurvedic manufacturer.

Q. My 3 years old daughter is suffering from constipation / “kabaz” so we avoid to make her habitual of medicine in childhood age so suggest us herbal treatment ?

A. I am myself of the opinion that laxatives make constipation worse, and thus we need to avoid them as far as possible, especially for the kids. It would be helpful to provide them with the right diet ( sprouts, salads, fresh fruits with peels and flour with bran along with more of water intake) as well as active lifestyle( outdoor games).

As home remedies with natural herbs, here are some options –

Gulkand [a mixture of rose buds and sugar] can be given to the child approx half teaspoonful twice along with warm milk.

Fennel (Saunf) can be roasted and powdered. In case of habitual constipation, try giving her some with warm milk at bedtime.

Also, for small children and babies showing maladies of constipation and abdominal gas, a home remedy is to make them lick a pinch of the powder of Harad along with some honey.

As another easy home remedy for habitual constipation, give the child regularly half a teaspoonful of honey in lukewarm water on empty stomach. This help clears the bowels and also acts as a prophylactic against the problems of digestion.

Please take care to restrict fast-food, maida products and too much of candies/ chocolates in her diet.