What is Dosha Healing

Dosha Healing is all about how you can –

1. Identify yourself (in accordance to the dosha which is dominant within you)

2. Understand yourself ( how your dominant dosha makes you different in both the spheres of physical constitution and mental temperament; which is recognized as your Prakriti).

3. Take care of yourself ( and become aware of the imbalances or vikriti that might be setting into your system , owing to the diet and lifestyle incongruity).

Need of Dosha Healing

So as to sustain our natural wellbeing, and to stay clear of so many impending ailments, we need to be aware about the Diet and Lifestyle discrepancies which we come across every single day. But, at the same time, similar rules would not apply to every single individual. The Diet as well as Lifestyle may be customized in accordance to the Dosha dominance, which can be well identified and understood; and as Holistic Healing practitioner, the same may be ascertained according to patient feedback and observation.This needs to be understood because every single interaction between yourself and the environment does matter. Knowingly or unknowingly imbalance sets in. Whatever it is that you eat, like, think, do, smell, touch, listen, watch and take in, affects your balance. We differ from each other in so many ways, we differ in bodily features and mental temperaments, in basic likes and dislikes, needs, tastes, attributes, health maladies, reasons for stress and also stress busters etc. Although we are all very much human but still so divergent.

Give it a thought that when you and I are dissimilar in so many ways, how it can be possible that we derive health and happiness following the same rules of wellness !

Ayurveda Tridosha Philosophy

The Prakriti of a person may be defined as the totality comprising of his physical attributes, his mental characteristics, and his innate nature. The prakriti or the basic constitution (and temperament) of an individual is believed to be innate and more or less remains the same throughout his or her life span.

According to Ayurveda philosophy, every living body in the universe is believed to be a combination of the three body humors viz. Vata or the air, Pitta or the fire and Kapha or the phlegm.The human prakriti can broadly be categorized into three distinct types. These are Vata Type, Pitta Type and Kapha Type. We need to understand that most of the qualities, both good and bad—the looks, the talents, and attitudes are necessarily God-gifted and inborn.

It is believed that there are three basic types of constitutions based on the three doshas or the body humors. Each person falls into one of these three constitutions so read on for the explanation of each definition ( One of the three doshas could be dominant with your personality ! ).

How Dosha Healing Helps

Although most of us today seem to have mixed personalities, there still is a dominant element in all of us. And this basic element governs our totality and makes up our indispensable personality. This basic element or Dosha as proclaimed in our primordial text, subsists in three prime forms viz. Vata or the air, Pitta or the fire and Kapha or the phlegm. When the air is dominant, it is apt to make you erratic, whereas the fire type individuals would be naturally stimulated and yet supremacy of phlegm in the system reasons for physical and mental permanence. Thus, Dosha Healing is a sure support to make you identify, understand and take care of your natural wellness lifelong.

How Dosha Healing defines my personality

Physical & Mental Attributes of VataPrakriti – Vata Type

In an individual with this particular physical and mental constitution type, the Vatadosha manifests and dominates. A person with dominance of Vata would be thin, either tall or short, and with a rough skin texture. Body parts lack stability and show jerking movements. Veins and tendons are more visible. The hair is dry and brittle and the voice is hoarse.The individual walks fast, and normally on movement his joints makes sound. He eats less and prefers food items which are salty or sour in taste. Due to the cold property of Vata, this person cannot tolerate cold climates. Mentally, the Vata person is generally a hurried type. He grasps very fast but soon forgets the subject. As a positive trait, the person influenced by Vatadosha is creative and action oriented.

Physical & Mental Attributes of Pitta Prakriti – Pitta Type

In this type of constitution, the Pitta dosha is more abundantly found to be predominant. Therefore the nature will show most of the properties of the fire body humor.

The body of a pitta person is generally symmetrical and pleasant looking. His complexion is fair, with the nails, hands, feet, eyes, and face showing a tinge of copper color As a Pitta trait, there could be premature graying of his hair. Also, this individual perspires a lot.

Ayurveda believes that due to the basic trait of fire, a pitta individual is mentally sharp, fast, and alert. He gets angry very soon and just as soon calms down. A pitta person by and large shows qualities of being courageous, heroic in deeds, bears good intellect, and a wonderful power of memory. An individual with pitta or fire dominance is a generally balanced kind.

Physical & Mental Attributes of KaphaPrakriti – Kapha Type

These individuals exhibit the properties of the Kaphadosha, or the phlegm body humor. The body is well built, symmetrical, and attractive. All the body parts are stable and appear to be healthy and full. The Kapha person’s complexion is normally fair and rosy, like a lotus, and with the glow of golden color His eyes are large and shiny and show happiness, and the hair growth is dense with black and shinning.A Kapha person is not the hurried type, and rather works with patience and calm. His voice is strong with a deep tone. He is fertile and leads a healthy life span with less occurrence of disease.

Mentally and emotionally this individual has a pious nature, truthful and thankful, and bears a good moral character. He has a good memory. He has a stable nature, does not change mind very often and is not impulsive.

Dosha Healing for Observing of Health Maladies

Do you feel encompassed with Health afflictions already ? It needs to be understood that the basic type of dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) you belong to can be more easily verified as and when you take notice of the relative ailments that tend to impinge onto your natural harmony. Not only this, at the same time, this also pronounces a word of caution so as to be able to forgo the health maladies that might sooner or later set into your system and cause unnecessary distress.

Dosha Healing enables you to at first assort your physical and mental entity as to the dosha that shows maximum resemblance in terms of properties, actions, basic physique, mental disposition, timely reactions, likes and dislikes et al. This also indirectly discloses about the basic constitution and temperament to which you belong.

Dosha Healing Reveals Dosha Imbalance

Ayurveda believes that whenever a disease takes form and sets into your system, the primary cause is imbalanced Dosha (body humor). Therefore, so as to combat the ailment, the basic principle to get rid of the same and also to restore and retain wellness, would certainly be of balancing the vitiated Dosha. DoshaHealing, thus is an easy tool for identifying the dosha imbalance.

Also, when you are experiencing the ancient Ayurveda wisdom of DoshaHealing , you are able to take a more serious note of the maladies that the vitiation or aggravation of either of the three doshas viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha, is bound to present itself within your system. Although in many cases you might have already frequented some of the ailments relating to Dosha imbalance.

Dosha Imbalance Causes Disease

Ayurveda believes that imbalance of the Vatadosha (air body humor) results into production of 80 types of diseases or disorders. Whereas the fire or Pitta dosha can cause 40 types and Kaphadosha (phlegm) would stand responsible for 20 types of ailments.

• VataDosha imbalance may result into diseases like muscular cramps, joint pains, stiffness, palpitations, deafness, partial loss of vision etc.

• Ailments like burning sensation in the entire body, excessive perspiration, foul body odor, fainting, mouth ulcers etc demonstrate of Pitta dosha imbalance.

• Kaphadosha imbalance and vitiation presents itself in the form of diseases like drowsiness, lethargy, excessive sleep, obesity, suppression of digestion, skin allergy et al.

How Dosha Healing is significant for Health & Fitness

Dosha Healing comes into play to make you understand as to how to keep your basic Dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) in natural balance and know more about what is apt to your basic personality and inbuilt constitution (Vata type, Pitta type or Kapha type). Not only this, Dosha Healing also helps you discover about the small routine transitions in your diet and lifestyle which would be of great help both to help cure your ailments, and also make you efficient enough to be able to take care of your individual constitution for the lifetime.

Dosha Healing is Essential Tool

Dosha Healing is great aid to Identify, Understand and Take Care of yourself lifelong. In other words, you need to comprehend that it is rather imperative to discover and understand your natural entity today, so you could be your own guide lifelong !This is because assessing your basic and inborn nature at first helps you to accept yourself, and then you aptly intend to make lifestyle changes in accordance to your own self.

Consequently it is perhaps the only therapy you need in both Curative as well as Preventive terms, so as to enjoy till the last breath a life full of virtues of natural wellness and freedom from disease.

How can Dosha Healing help me?

The harmonizing Dosha bestows on you not only natural health and wisdom, but at the same time is great aid for you to enjoy lifelong a hale and hearty being, joyful spirit and attractive body.

Health is non-existence of disease. It is like a see-saw that you are trudging on all the time. As and when your health meter goes down, the disease component is up, and vice versa. Therefore, all you need is to focus on maintaining the aloft track of your health meter, and this is where Dosha healing basically comes into play. Dosha healing aids both as preventive as well as curative therapy.

Can Dosha Healing help us become beautiful ?

Dosha Healing helps you immensely to procure your natural beauty, wisdom and wellbeing. This is because once to are able to identify and concur with the basic dosha that supports your system, you can more easily decide about the right diet and lifestyle for yourself. And once you can propel your persona into balancing and harmonizing your dosha, then acquiring as well as maintaining the beauty and charisma both externally as well as internal becomes undemanding for you.

Can Dosha Healing help me improve my relationships and compatibility?

This is little tricky question and needs some contemplation to understand. Visualize Dosha Healing as your aid and forbearance propeller in all spheres of life. Indubitably managing compatibility with relationships and associations, be it at home, at work or at social engagements calls for awareness both about your own self as well of the individual with whom you are connecting.

Can Dosha Healing help me lose weight?

Dosha Healing helps you to regain balance. When you are in physically balanced state, your body weight also has to be proportional and symmetric. Anything extra that is sticking onto your body that is not required by your body, is toxic matter. Holding on the same would surely be harming your natural healthiness and shape. Although, Vata types would be naturally lean, yet the Kaphaperson who has a tendency of weight gain, can more importantly have a proportionate fit body, without being obese.

Can Dosha Healing help me in developing my business or dealing with job complications

Dosha healing is derivation of Ayurveda, the science of life. This means dealing with all the aspects of human life, all job and business dilemmas, dealing with official colleagues, innovation and leadership demands all can be taken care of when you learn to think outside-the-box and develop breakthrough products, services, or even business models. Ayurveda philosophy of Dosha Healing can help corporations significantly enhance their productivity and creativity by aligning employees’ roles and responsibilities with their individual physical and mental energy patterns.

Can Dosha Healing help me to de-Stress

Yes for sure, Ayurveda Dosha Healing provides relevant aid in this arena. Inbuilt stress results from as well as into dosha imbalance. Anxiety and Loss of Sleep sets in which further deteriorates your healthy state of body and mind. If you are clear about your dosha dominance, you can use this simple tool for de-stressing as well as having better, relaxed sleep.For example, if you are Vata type, sleeping on your left side aids in right nostril breathing, which is warm and thereby balances the cold Vata. For Pitta types, having a nap in the moonlight or amidst cool air and showers, or in cool dark shade will do you good. Also, if you have more of Phlegm or Kapha in your system, sleeping during the daytime is a strict no-no for you.

  • To know about your body dosha please answer these questions and mark in the relevant box. In the end, you will get the result as to what is your dominant dosha.

    Q. Your body structure is

    a.lean with light bones
    b. medium weight with stout bony frame
    c. large frame and heavy bones

    Q. Your weight is

    a normally less or underweight
    b. medium sized or slightly hefty
    c. heavy or tendency to gain weight

    Q. Your skin type is

    a.rough skin devoid of much fat, prominent veins
    b.soft, warm, oily skin tends to glow
    c.smooth, thick, cool, moist or oily

    Q. Your hair texture is

    a.dry, curly or wavy hair, early baldness
    b thin hair early graying
    c thick black and normally heavy and oily

    Q. Your movement is

    a. fast, jump to conclusions
    b. steady ,sturdy and controlled
    c. slow and intentional

    Q. Your hunger pattern is

    a. variable, sometimes good, sometimes too bad
    b. aggressive, have to be fed on time
    c. mostly good, but can be controlled

    Q. Your digestion is

    a. often erratic
    b. good and easy
    c.slow, takes time

    Q. Your stamina is

    a. usually poor, wastes energy
    b. good, but tends to over exert
    c. good, conserves energy

    Q. Your sex drive is

    a. desire is more, less energy
    b. strong desire, adequate energy
    c. less to reasonable desire, steady energy

    Q. Your reaction when facing a conflict is

    a. drastic and impulsive
    b. planned but firm, abrupt
    c. slow and passive

    Q. Your lifestyle is

    a. irregular, impulsive
    b. balanced and organized, busy
    c static and rigid, sedentary

    Q. Your sleep pattern is

    a. wakes tired
    b. wakes alert, spontaneous
    c. heavy, difficult to wake

    Q. Ailments you experience more often are

    a. body aches, joint pains, debility
    b. skin afflictions, burning sensation
    c. phlegm is more, ENT problems

    Q. Your mental ability is

    a. Lots of ideas and keep changing mind.
    b. Before forming an opinion lots of facts have to be gathered.
    c. Mind can be made quickly, does not change often.

    Q. Your most dominant emotion is

    a. anxiety and fear
    b. challenging, judgmental, easily angered
    c. materialistic, sometimes greedy and possessive

    Q. Climate that comforts you is

    a. warm, towards humid
    b. colder climate
    c. hot weather

    Q.Your worst temperament is

    a. impulsive, ungrateful and easily jealous
    b. hot tempered, criticizing and challenging
    c. hard to change beliefs, stubborn, egoistic, unwavering hostility

    Q. Your basic personality trait is

    a. creative and imaginative
    b. smart, efficient and perfectionist
    c. caring, calm and tolerant

    GET THE ANSWER – Click here

    Mostly a’s – Vata type

    Mostly b’s – Pitta type

    Mostly c’s – Kapha type.

Dosha Healing Tips for VataDosha types

Keeping the stomach empty would invite aggravation of the air body humor or the Vatadosha. The meals should not be too heavy but more frequent. The individual should adequately meditate as it is the best medicine to relax all senses.

Sweet, sour and salty tastes influences Vata constitution. Thus such food should be replaced by milk, wheat, rice and fruits.

The exercising routine followed, should be relaxing and moderate. Walking, swimming and Hatha Yoga are beneficial forms of exercises to cure Ayurveda Vata constitutions.

A balance diet plays a vital role in curing any and every ailment. Ayurveda believes that as Vata is a cold dosha, all warm and soothing foods like warm milk, butter, cream, hot cereals and stews facilitate Vata balances.

These individuals should never skip breakfast. It is advisable to take hot cereals like rice or wheat cream in their meals. Herbal tea and snacks make a nutritious diet to balance Vata. However, high caffeine drinks should be avoided.

As dry and cold sensations characterize Vata, hot and oily food items can balance their disturbed levels. Unripe fruits should be avoided because of their high astringent content.

Dosha Healing Tips for Pitta Dosha types

To combat a pitta imbalance, it is recommended to take up the regime that renders opposing qualities as that of the fire humor. In case you are of a pitta type, simply recall the fire traits that are dominant within you and try to subsist with just the contrary. As the gastric fire is vigorous, digestion is markedly good. Therefore, a pitta person needs to snack more often. Low sugar levels due to easy combustion of food may cause undue irritation and weakness.

A pitta person needs to avoid oils and yet feast on ghee, prepared with cooling and calming herbs. A massage with ghee is also recommended. Milk and milk products are dietary boons for them.

As the property of the fire humor is hot and intense, Ayurveda suggests living in cooler, soothing and calming environments, away from sweating and parching heat. The imbalance can be refined by imbibing whatever is cooling and soothing. A cold tub bath and using soft, cooling, fragrant herbs like sandalwood, camphor, khuskhus and rose in the form of body pastes is beneficial.

Meditation is a great boon for pitta people as it has a rejuvenating effect on body and soul. They need to focus on the Manipurak Chakra and must envisage this yellow Chakra for inner relaxation and serenity.

Pitta persons must avoid the use of dark, bright and warming shades of red, orange and black. Instead, wear soothing and calming colors of green, white and blue.

Dosha Healing Tips for KaphaDosha types

Kapha imbalance needs more grave lines of self handling. This is because the Kapha individual has a propensity to be more static and stubborn with his likes and tastes.

The stubborn Kapha is rather tricky to treat. This is mainly because of the inert trait of the earth element that this humor imbibes. Hence all intricate activities and potent stimulating diet is meant for the phlegm humor types.

The three Rasas (tastes) that are pungent, bitter and astringent are recommended to alleviate phlegm. Moreover, as against the basic properties of the phlegm humor, a Kapha person’s food should be somehow rough, light, potent and hot. Most of the stimulating spices and condiments are favorable.

All sorts of physical work where the stored energy is used up is favorable for the TYPE – K personality Ayurveda advocates for Kapha people to undertake optimal exercise and yoga, long brisk walks, Pranayaam, hard sports like swimming, jogging, cycling, climbing etc that would help to use up needlessly conserved energy.

Meditation is also a necessity for Kapha person, as is for the Vata and TYPE – P. But it has to be consciously made sure that the posture remains erect and the Kapha person does not go into a nap.

So as to balance Kapha, the ancient text has approved following the regimen and daily routine as need to be done during the spring season.

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