“Dr Sonica has excellent knowledge of Ayurveda and Healing. Her presentation and public speaking skills are also appreciable. She has also contributed an article, “The Joy of Pampering your body” to my book, “The 7 Joys of Life” which has contributions of 18 authors from 6 countries. I am sure Dr Sonica will be a global brand soon.”

~ Dr AmitNagpal; Personal Branding & Passion Coach at Enlarge, Excel and Evolve

I enjoyed Dr Sonica Krishan’s Healing through Ayurveda – Tips for Dosha Understanding and Self care . Sonica is an Ayurveda and Natural Lifestyle consultant and the ideal person to help us understand ourselves, then find out our strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and then be able to help our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth, by knowing what we can bank on, what needs changes, and what might be difficult to change. Once we have our road map, reaching our destination becomes easier.

~ Ruzbeh.N.Barucha; Author, Editor and Documentary film maker

It is an honour for me to write a recommendation for Dr. Sonica Krishan. She is an amazing Speaker and well renowned Ayurvedic Doctor. Dr Sonica was with us and had been invited as a guest speaker at a Residential course program for Chartered Accountant professionals held at Shilon Resort, Shimla.

Her enthusiasm , knowledge and participation helped motivate all the Professionals to adopt the techniques of good living of life through Ayurveda.

I highly recommend Dr Sonica Krishan to speak to any group of any age. She has the skills to share passion and power with everyone that motivates them to succeed in any aspect of life.

Dr Sonica is master in giving keynote PowerPoint presentations and a very well known Author of so many Books on Ayurveda and different Natural Therapies . She is a philanthropist and appreciates the miracles of Nature in all of her talks.

~ AnshuPriyadarshini, Corporate Lawyer, Delhi High Court and Mediator in Delhi Govt.

Dr Sonica Krishan is not just an Ayurvedic practitioner, since last 15 years, but equally equipped with natural healing using Naturopathy and Yoga efficiently providing patients with inexpensive treatment, aiding quick healing and rejuvenation. Good advice for obese/diabetics with proven results for Cardiocare, mental ailments etc. She is very good celebrated author and has authored three books already and a few are in pipeline. Her articles on herbal remedies and spirituality are being published regularly in national dallies and internal forums in digital media. Dr Sonica is an established writer and poet as well, her lyrics provides eternal peace to the readers who adore her very much. Such a multidimensional talent, rich thoughts is rare now a days. May God bless her.

~ Ramesh Ahuja, Total health solutions, experienced Naturopath

“I am very pleased to recommend Dr Sonica Krishan, who provided a highly authoritative editorial feature Ayurvedic Herbs as Healers – Punarnava and Ashwagandha in the Sept Issue 174 of Positive Health PH Online:

~ Sandra Goodman; Editor and Director, Positive Health magazine

“Dr. Sonica writes the Ayurvedic Medicine column on our company’s http://HealthyNewAge.com blog. Since she’s an expert-level clinician practicing in India, we’re very happy to feature her work. Her articles are fact-filled and provide helpful information on a wide array of Ayurveda-based principles and techniques.”

~ Kirk VandenBerghe; President at Positive Projections , Holistic Counselor, Coach-Consultant, & Workshop Trainer at Inner Action, Greater Seattle Area

Whether you are brand new to the study of Ayurveda, or have been practicing for years, Dr. Sonica Krishan’s book “Healing Through Ayurveda: Tips for Dosha Understanding and Self Care” will help you to understand just how easy and practical it is to live an ayurvedic lifestyle. There are many helpful suggestions to help us be more healthy, things we can do on our own. I am a huge fan of Ayurveda, and I appreciate that Dr.Krishan has made her book available so that more people can learn about this wonderful practice.

~ Lissa Coffey; Host of coffeytalk.com “DoshaDiva”, Los Angeles, CA

“An astute Yoga, Ayurveda and holistic-spiritual healing professional, Dr. Sonica has been keen to share her knowledge through her exemplary books and through her thought leadership presence in various healing and life-sensitive social media. As a holistic healer her human sensitivity helps her to focus her attention on most commonly found topical natural foods that every season demands for a healthful living. Opening the readers’ minds through her gifted mastery of the spiritual realm, capturing the very essence of the Vedas and the Upanishadas, Dr Sonica has created a global following among Truth Seekers. That a healthy body is indeed an undisputed reward of a healthy mind rooted in the Spirit Supreme, has been brought out in her contributions in various columns she writes in widely read periodicals in print as well as in e-media. In this age of mental stress and turmoil resulting in wide spread disease and debility among employees, I recommend Dr. Sonica’s expertise to be shared through her amazingly vibrant workshops, as restorative of employee-health, self confidence, and the joys of life.”

Vijay Chaudhari, Director, Development, HiMedia Laboratories

“Having issues with your weight, or don’t know the best way to treat a common cold, or need some handy hints for other common medical ailments . . . read Dr Sonica Krishan’s books – Home Remedies and Healing Through Ayurveda. A renowned and bestseller author, Dr Sonica not only suggests treating various ailments according to each body type but also gives some handy tips that one may use throughout one’s life.”

~ HemambikaVarma; Editor, Rupa Publications India Private Ltd

“Whenever I need good articles on Ayurveda or naturopathy for the magazine I prefer turning to Dr Sonica because she has a keen understanding of the subject and comprehends the brief that I explain to her well. Besides, she delivers articles on time. I have read one of the books that she has written and found it full of practical, easy to use knowledge. It’s a pleasure working with her.”

~ Shiv Joshi; Deputy Editor at Complete Wellbeing Publishing Pvt Ltd

Dr. Sonica Krishan, author of the well-written book Healing through Ayurveda, Tips for Understanding Dosha and Self Care, provides clear, concise information on the three humors or personality types of vatta, pitta, and kapha in part one. She provides checklists and descriptions of personality factors or conditions that invite all people of Eastern and Western cultures to identify their personal traits and patterns. The Self-Identity Questionnaire is especially helpful in recognizing aspects like climate preference, mental ability, and emotional tendencies. We don’t usually consider that we may be sensitive to temperature, specific herbs or need social or emotional skills to balance our personality traits.

Moreover, in part 2, Dr.Krishan encourages balance in temperament and lifestyle and even the daily habits of eating, breathing, and exercise. She reminds the health-conscious reader that some simple application of herbs or exercises through breathing and yoga make all the difference in the world to our health, longevity and happiness.

I enjoyed this book immensely, and you will enjoy it also. Healing Through Ayurveda is a reference book to keep nearby and refer to when you feel out of balance. Highly recommended.

~ Caron B. Goode; “Inspired Parenting Coach” , Fort Worth, Texas

“Dr Sonica is a vast pool of knowledge of Ayurveda. In addition to it she is a notable academician who is into consistent research & development to discover new herbs and Ayurveda therapies to make human lives happy. What impresses me the most about her is that she is always open to share her knowledge with the people for a social cause at large. All the best to her for the brightest future ahead.”

~ Mohan Agrawal; Head (GM) Franchise Development & Operations, Ozone Spa Private Limited, India

Thank you so much Dr Sonica Krishan. I have searched and searched actually did hire a consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner but she was young 20’s and don’t think that she really “got” or understood a 59 yrs. old plus who knows what is causing such stiff painful muscles. Anyway, a lot of others have suggested vigorous exercise to “burn it out”. Your suggestions “feel” right. I am so thankful and feel that God truly sent you after all these years for your wisdom. Thank you I am sure you were sent to heal many. Namaste.

~ M.K. ; Consulting Patient at AllExperts

I have just been to the facebook.com and had a glimpse of all the three books written by Dr.SonicaKrishan, very very useful for the mankind, nice job done by Dr Sonica, GOD bless her and wish her total peace and eternal bliss. I am confident she will continue with the good work of healing the humanity and the wisdom of ancient saint and sages like CHARAK,SUSHRAT,NIGHANTU,VAGHBHATT,ATTREY,AGNIVESH,BHEL,JATUKARM,PRASHAR…….. will be displayed through her noble hands. She will prove to be an invaluable asset to the mankind.

~ Rishi Ramesh Vishvas

“Dr. Sonica Krishan works with me as a Co-Editor on AllThingsHealing.com. I recruit and manage Editors for this site, and it is important to note that they do this on a volunteer basis with the intent of sharing their knowledge and passion in their category (Sonica’s being Ayurveda). She is a dedicated practitioner committed to making this world brighter and is responsible in keeping up with her Editor duties.”

~ Eden Kozlowski; Supervising Editor, AllThingsHealing.com

I hope that this position (Editor at ATH) will allow Dr Sonica Krishan to exceed all the positive expectations that you may have and allow you to grow and prosper.

~ Anton Van Den Berg; Business Information, Project/Program and New Media Executive, Author, Blogger.

“Dr.SonicaKrishan has been a regular Online contributor (on my Group enRICHen) by means of Posts, Published material and Website Links, etc of her very lucidly written and researched Articles on the Topics of her Expertise.

Ayurveda, Wellness and the Mind- Body connection in Healing are her Forte.

I would say she is a Genuine, Warm and Appreciative Person in addition to her Professional expertise.”

~ Vijay Nallawala, Founder at enRICHen

“I know Dr. Sonica Krishan and respect her deepness of knowledge in Ayurveda. She successfully treated so many Incurable patients with pure Ayurveda medicines and yoga. She is excellent in Curing. so I can Recommend her service to anyone who deserves it”

~ SamsAdoms; Self research and preparation of Ayurvedic medicines, India

After reading through her profile, I felt compelled to email her and to thank her for work and writing Dr Sonica does. What she is doing is very commendable and she should be very proud of her career and career path.

Dr Sonica Krishan, I am certain, is making a great impact in all those she touches and deals with on a daily basis. So I want encourage her to continue.

~ Scott ; Freelance Writer, Romance Novelist, Copywriter, Self-help and Poet – Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area