Collaborating and Content Writing



Dr Sonica Krishan has collaborated as contributing Author for the book, The seven joys of Life, a book with contributions from 19 authors from 6 countries spread across 4 continents.

Dr Sonica Krishan is Senior Consultant Vaidya and Communications Officer with Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre, Mysore, India.



Content Writing

Dr Sonica has been writing for National & International publications and websites including a network of Ayurveda sites which highlights Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Center products.

Writing content for Indus valley Ayurvedic centre, Mysore
Writing content for Ayurveda Consulting, Chennai

Website – About Ayurvedic medicine

Website – Ayurveda Arthritis

Website – Ayurveda Cleansing

Website – Ayurveda Asthma

Website – Ayurvedic Acne

Website – Ayurveda Women

Website – Indian Beauty Tips

Website – Ayurvedic Creme

Website – Ayurveda herbs

Website – Ayurveda Cures