Corporate profile

Dr Sonica Krishanhas been invited for presenting talks as a Speaker at many imminent and reputed organizations and collaborations viz. Fortis Hospital, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Himalaya Drug Co, Dabur, Prelude Schools, IHF Wellness Orbitarium, Arya Samajetc. among others.Dr Sonica has an expertise in the areas of healthy and joyous living through Ayurveda, Yoga, Spiritual Healing & other contemplative practices. She helps people in living holistically and joyfully by offering them solutions based on ancient Ayurveda wisdom of dosha healing that focuses on diet and lifestyle changes. Dr Sonica conducts holistic health speaking sessions as well as one-to-one interactive conferences incorporating the Natural lifestyle healing modalities and practices.

Health Camps

Dr Sonica Krishan also participates in Health Camps which are organized as service provided to general public as an endeavour to give back to the society. These camps are generally planned on subsidized/ reduced rates for providing Ayurveda consultancy and holistic healing assistance. Patients are provided with thorough understanding of their basic signs and symptoms relating to the disease that they are suffering from, and Ayurveda consultancy is provided that would help them in getting relief. Dr Sonica tries to make the patient aware about the preventive aspect of the disease and also tends to educate the patients about the natural lifestyle and remedies that could enhance the effect of the medicine/ treatment. The patients derive great benefit from the personal interactive sessions with the doctor.

Public Speaking

Dr SonicaKrishan is effectual Speaker on the topics of Ayurveda healing, Natural Lifestyle and Healthcare tips, Preventive health therapies, Naturopathic healing and Yoga for wellness and many more. She readily participates as a Speaker offering easy solutions on how the health can be maintained, regained and re-established. In the interactive Speaking gatherings,Dr Sonicatries to make the public aware about the preventive aspect of the diseases and also she tends to educate about the natural lifestyle and Ayurveda remedies that could work as supportive therapy for health and wellness. tive sessions with the doctor.