Silent Musings

During the ancient times, Vaidyaraja was also addressed by the name Kaviraja (The Poet)

₹ Rs 295   *Courier charges extra.


Healthy Living Through Dosha healing Ayurveda

Get Author’s Autographed Book

₹ 400  *Courier charges extra.


Healing Through Ayurveda

Healing through Ayurveda – Tips for Dosha Understanding and Self Care.

₹ Rs 100   *Courier charges extra.


Herbal Healers

Herbal Healers Ailments can be cured as well prevented without gulping

₹ Rs 150   *Courier charges extra.


Home Remedies

Sometimes the best place to look for a remedy to your ailment is in your kitchen.

₹ Rs 250   *Courier charges extra.


Ayurveda Herbs

‘If diets are wrong, medicines are of no use and if diets are right, medicines are of no

₹ Rs 250   *Courier charges extra.

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